The Bow Loom is an ancient technique using a simple, portable loom to make narrow, beaded bands. The technique is used in ethnic groups in Thailand to make bands for their exquisite headdresses.

Bow Loom Weaving Kit

Warp color/Bead color
Include Dowel for Loom

    The weaving is quick and fun and so portable. No previous weaving experience is necessary and the loom is reusable, for many hours of weaving. This is a great introduction to ethnic weaving.


    The Bow Loom is rather long – and therefore rather challenging to ship. While we will ship you the components to the loom if you wish, the additional cost of shipping the loom components (a dowel, paperclips and duct tape: simple to find where you live. But $4 for the tube to send it, and $10 in extra shipping costs!) may convince you that you want to simply make up the loom from dowels and duct tape you purchase yourself, in your local hardware store.

    The loom is very easy to construct, even for a novice – whether you get the dowel from us or from a hardware store close to you. Directions for the loom's construction are found in either the booklet that comes with the kit, or in the first chapters of my online video class on Taproot Video.

  • Video instruction available on Taproot Video!

    This kit comes with an 8 page full-color booklet, which will teach you exactly how to make the bracelet. If you choose, there is also a video class available for purchase (as a DVD, or streaming) on the Instructor's Co-op website; Taproot Video.

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