In China, folks hand-craft these geometric gems, fill them with insect-repelling herbs, and hang them up during the Dragonboat Festival which happens in the hot and muggy 5th month of the lunar calendar.

An easy and impressive craft for ages 12 – 99!

Sew Expo 2021 Dragon Boat Decoration Kit

  • This kit contains:

    • die-cut and perforated folding base to make two decorations
    • one spool of easy "beginner" ribbon (I will select that color for you, based on the rayon color you choose), and one card of "experienced" fancy rayon ribon (You choose this, available in many colors)
    • coordinating tassels
    • decorative corner pins to complete two Dragon Boat Decorations.
    • Also included is an 8 page full color booklet describing the winding process.
    • You will also need scotch tape and sharp scissors to complete this project.


    All Taproot Folk Arts Shop kits are made in the USA.

  • Video instruction soon available on Taproot Video!

    This kit comes with an 8 page full-color booklet, which will teach you exactly how to make the ornament. If you choose, there will be also a video class available for purchase (as a DVD, or streaming) on the Instructor's Co-op website; Taproot Video. Ths class will be up on the site by February of 2021.